No More People Problems

Whether you like it or not people are the lifeblood of your organisation. The greatest challenge in managing people effectively is that we all need to be treated differently.

People may not be the single most expensive investment in your business but they are the most important. It doesn’t matter how shiny or glamorous your products and services are, they are sold, supported, serviced, implemented and delivered by your people.

Your people are not only responsible for doing a good job for your business, they are your public face, your ambassadors and standard bearers. When they’re not happy they can do an enormous amount of damage – few things are as frustrating as disgruntled, unhappy, non-performing or disruptive employees.

We are regularly presented with some of the most incredible people challenges. One of the things that we find most often is that business owners/managers believe that there is little that they can do about such problems.

Whether this is a result of previous advice – where the support organisation isn’t either able or prepared to deal with the problem – or whether it feels easier to bury heads in the sand, these problems will not go away unless they are dealt with quickly and effectively.


Applying Employment Law

The best way to manage difficult people is to understand how to apply the law to any given situation. Employment law itself is reasonably straightforward and quite easy to understand.  The art is in its application.

We have unrivalled skill and experience helping customers to apply the law. It’s what makes us so successful and what makes such a difference to our customers and their peace of mind.

As with all of our services we tailor what we do around your needs. As a result we deliver our services in the way that you want them delivered – whether that is via the telephone, email or on your premises in person.


A legal example

In the recent (July 2014) Employment Appeals Tribunal case of Contract Bottling v Cave, Mr Justice Langstaff is quoted as saying “it’s not an accurate science” when he was considering the complications of how to award compensation in that case.

What this proves is that delivering outstanding results when dealing with complicated and challenging people problems is most definitely an art. When the artists delivering this service are backed up with comprehensive and up-to-the-minute knowledge of Employment Law and its current interpretation you can sleep soundly knowing that the people challenges in your business are in safe hands.


Trust the experts

For more information about how we can help you with your people problems – and for help applying current Employment Law in the best way possible  – please call the Cream HR team on 01543 308642 or email

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