Large and Established Business

Expert support for internal HR functions

Package includes

Dedicated HR & Employment Law expertise from one source 

Pro-active support works as part of your business

Cost effective solutions on either a retained, consultancy or hourly basis

Augmenting internal HR resource to deliver results

The needs of business change all the time, one thing that doesn’t is the pressure placed on busy HR departments who must be “Expert in Everything”

Large and busy HR departments cover a multitude of disciplines to support entire organisations and it is simply not possible to be expert in everything anymore. Understanding these pressures and the fact that most HR professionals are not legally trained, Cream HR is wonderfully placed to become your expert in Compliance, Employee Relations and Dispute Resolution.

It is very easy for knowledge in these areas to become outdated quickly and employment law, being case driven, is probably the most dynamic and constantly changing area of law in the UK. As such it is vital that you are able to deal with situations in accordance with the latest interpretations – it is very expensive to get it wrong!

The way in which we join the best in employment law advice with professional HR means that we help you to implement highly effective solutions to the challenges that you face, solutions that work. Unlike many providers in this area we don’t just offer vague opinions – we work with you achieve great results.

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