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CREAM HR RPMS – REcruitment Management that Works! 

Imagine hiring the right people for your business – without fuss – every time!

Tired of using recruitment agencies? No time to write job specs or adverts? Just need the right hire but not all the hassle that precedes that? 

Well cost-effective recruitment achieved with speed and quality, and with minimal impact on your valuable time is entirely possible because…

CREAM HR’s RPMS combines our extensive recruitment experience* and the latest web technology to provide you with a powerful service that removes the pain from your hiring, optimises your time, and with a fixed-cost

  • Stage 1: We use a proven methodology to expedite our clear understanding of your hiring need and its attractiveness to the right people.
  • Stage 2: You interview an agreed short list of viable candidates (i.e. relevant, interested, motivated, affordable).            
  • Stage 3: You hire the right candidate for your business.

We’d love to remove the pain from your hiring. Just imagine, no recruitment agencies to brief, no job adverts to write, no time wasted on reading irrelevant CVs or interviewing inappropriate candidates, and no stressful, time-consuming job offers to negotiate.     

* We know recruitment inside out – as practitioners in-house (talent acquisition at all levels within global corporates, SMEs, and scaling start-ups) and in HR (dealing with the ramifications of bad hiring), and recruitment agency-side too.

We’ve learnt the hard way so you don’t have to!


Apply Cream HR rpms recruitment management solution to ensure that you get recruitment right, first time, every time! Talk to us about your recruitment