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Employee Relations

Good employee relations can make a massive difference to the performance of any business and should therefore be something that businesses aspire to achieve.

Many businesses struggle in this area and it often comes down to a simple discomfort in managing awkward or potentially confrontational situations.

Communicating with employees doesn’t always come naturally and if you don’t have natural skills or experience in this area then it can cause real difficulties.

In confrontational situations humans normally react with a fight, flight or freeze response – none of which will necessarily help foster good employee relations!

Organisations working with Cream HR benefit from our considerable expertise in employee relations. By coaching and developing manager skills in this area we help businesses understand the importance of effective employee relations whilst helping support those managers to devise and implement their own (improved) strategies with great success. 

Good employee relations are based on clear and consistent communication, consistent application of the rules, recognition of achievement, dealing with problems consistently and reasonably and ensuring that agreed actions are followed through and concluded.

This is not something that you turn on and off – you need to embed effective Employee Relations as part of your culture. 

It’s no coincidence that ACAS, the courts and government advocate workplace mediation to resolve disputes – effective employee relations provides a framework to prevent disputes escalating in the first place.

If you are interested in improving your Employee Relations and wish to discuss your circumstances with us in more detail then please don’t hesitate to contact us