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however big your business You Can’t avoid employment law

Employment Law changes constantly, not only as a result of statutory changes, but through decided cases and regulation. All businesses need to ensure that they comply with the law in place at any time. 

Employment law is becoming a playground, the proliferation of advice and guidance offered via the internet, provides access to a wealth of information – some good and some bad. In many ways the internet has made managing employmees more difficult, there is so much information available it is easy to be confused.

The real skill in dealing with employee relations, disputes, compliance, employee performance or any other employment situation, is in understanding how to apply the law to each given situation.

Statutory employment law is generally quite easy to understand (despite some questionable drafting and “grey” areas), the challenges come when you have to apply the law.

What we’re really good at is devising and implementing effective solutions to address the problems and situations that you face, to get the results you seek.

Our own experience has found many advisers and service providers offer opinions or ideas, but never straightforward advice. We’re not like the rest and delight in providing sound commercially driven advice.

You don’t need someone who will tell you the ins and outs of employment law or HR, you need someone who will listen, who can understand your situation and who wants to provide a clear route to the solution, whatever that may involve.

That someone is Cream HR.

Cream HR specialises in employment law, find out more about how we operate and how we can help your business stay up to date and comply with current legislation