Marmaduke welcomes you to our refreshed website

Many of our customers have grown used to receiving my regular newsletter entitled “ A message from Marmaduke”

With the launch of our refreshed web site I decided that I’d write regular blog posts in response to the various initiatives and general lunacy that emanates from Westminster regarding employment law and regulation.

If any of you, who have not read one of my newsletters before, would like to read an old “Message from Marmaduke” there is an extensive archive and we will be adding the archive to the site in due course. If you can’t wait for that, please use the email below to receive a taster from Marmaduke – the Cat who writes for Cream!

Employment Law and Business Regulation is always a hot political topic and I have strong views about the ideas which politicians promote (with frightening regularity). To start off my new blog I’d love to hear from businesses about their thoughts, feelings and reactions to the various initiatives that have recently been proposed – from Employment Tribunal reform to workers signing away (some of ) their employment rights in return for shares.

Marmaduke says...

Let me know which topics or suggestions get under your skin and what you’d like me to comment upon – send an email to

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