Scotland Scraps Employment Tribunal Fees

Yesterday Nicola Sturgeon announced that employment tribunal fees in Scotland would be ended, as she unveiled her government’s forthcoming legislative programme.

You may be aware that Unison recently lost its legal challenge to tribunal charges in England. Whilst many people feel that charging in England is here to stay, Unison intend to challenge that ruling and are seeking permission to appeal to the Supreme Court.

Perhaps of greater significance to this debate were the comments by Lord Justice Underhill in the Unison case, he said that he was deeply troubled by the drop in cases. Whilst he went on to say that the Unison case could not succeed simply based on the overall decline in cases, his comments will echo loudly if and when the government does finally undertake the review of the employment tribunal system that it is apparently committed to.

The Scottish decision could add additional pressure to that review.

Watch this space as it is quite possible that further changes lie ahead.

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