Case Study: Z Spars UK

ZSpars employees are vital to their success and as a small team they rely on one another to deliver results and to achieve their targets and objectives. They try and create an environment where everyone enjoys coming to work. As a small organisation they don’t have the internal resource to turn to when they need to address the occasional people related issues that they sometimes have to face. Cream HR helped ZSpars manage some challenging employee related situations more effectively and achieve the results that they sought.

I had used a number of external services to help me with HR…. these experiences often left me confused and unable to do what I thought was best. With Cream HR  I receive simple, effective, practical help and service that is second to none Marilyn Gillard, Managing Director

I became Managing Director in 2005 having worked for the business for a number of years as the outgoing MD’s right hand “man” which was a big challenge as now I was in charge and had previously had been one of the “boys”.

I love running the business and am very proud of what my team and I have achieved and continue to achieve. One of the most difficult aspects of my role is managing awkward employee related situations and being a small business I don’t have much access to other senior or experienced colleagues with significant man-management experience and whilst my French colleagues can offer some general advice, they aren’t in a position to really help on a day to day basis, and understanding UK Employment Law for them is difficult.

Initially I used lots of different services to help provide advice on HR and Employment Law matters and without exception all of the advice I received left me more confused than before I’d made the call and as a result I felt even more uncertain of what I should do in any given situation. The advice always seemed vague and actually avoided dealing with the issues that I faced.

Luckily for me, and just in the nick of time, I was introduced to Cream HR by a customer of ours that I met at the London Boat Show!

From the moment I started talking with Cream it was like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. They listened to me, understood the situations that I was trying to address and helped me to start addressing these situations as if we’d been working together for years (and they continue to do so).

In a small business like ours, people issues have enormous significance and can affect everyone working here. Cream HR has helped me address some really difficult challenges and the way that they work with me through every step to make sure that everything is done correctly and is properly concluded makes all the difference. Their advice always makes me feel re-assured and confident in what I’m trying to achieve.

What’s more they’re very accessible, responsive and they care. They’ve made a massive and positive difference to our company and the support that I personally have received, in what is sometimes a lonely place has been second to none.