Case Study: DeMontfort Fine Art

DeMontfort Fine Art Limited is a long established market leader in the international publication and distribution of Original Paintings and Collectable Limited Editions.

Recent years has seen considerable expansion following the decision to grow their own retail operations under the Whitewall Galleries and Clarendon Fine Art brands.

Such expansion places great pressure on their internal HR department and the HR team have worked closely with Cream HR to help advise them on sometimes complex employment law matters as well as supporting a range of HR activities to augment the HR team.

Cream HR has the ability to expertly deal with complex and dynamic people and legal issues quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Damian Ferguson, Finance Director

We work in partnership with many of the best contemporary artists from around the world, and as well as showcasing award winners and household names such as Rolf Harris and Jack Vettriano, we aim to introduce outstanding new work to a discerning audience of art lovers.

We have experienced considerable growth in recent years and have more than doubled the size of our workforce in the last three years or so. As you would imagine this places considerable pressure on our internal HR department.

As with any business that employs a reasonable number of people we come across some interesting and sometimes quite challenging employee issues. As a business we always want to ensure that we address the situations fairly and that we comply with all of our legal obligations.

Previously our in house HR team had used external employment law support provided by insurance company “help lines” and occasionally, if the situation warranted it, we would use solicitors.

As DeMontfort continued to grow and some of the employee related situations seemed to become more complicated we found that the support that we received from our “help-lines” wasn’t sufficient for our needs. Advice was often confusing, it didn’t address the problems and we often felt that we were actually being advised to avoid dealing with the issues that we faced. This situation was not satisfactory.

I contacted Cream HR as I had previously been aware of their services. Initially we worked with them on an ad-hoc basis, which enabled us to assess the quality of their work, to see if they were able to meet our requirements and to assess how effectively we could work together.

From the outset their approach was positively different, they were interested in getting into the real detail of each situation that we faced and they wanted to understand what we wanted to achieve each time. From that position they worked with us to implement effective solutions to achieve the results that we sought. Rather than avoiding issues or providing theoretical positions, they worked with us and provided workable, practical solutions to put our plans into action.

Since those early days of our working together Cream HR has become an integral part of our business. We work closely with them to help manage the people related situations that we regularly face. The currency of their knowledge and the way that they help apply that knowledge to deliver practical solutions helps us manage our people fairly, smoothly and effectively.