Case Study: Dan McGuire

Dan McGuire has been involved in growing, developing and selling technology businesses since 2002. His hectic programme and his understanding of the various phases the fast growing businesses go through drove him to seek a partnership with an HR and Employment Law support provider that he could trust and rely on.

Since 2002, when I acquired a stake in Broadbean Technology, I’ve been involved in developing, growing, supporting and investing in start-up and early stage technology businesses.

I have a pretty hectic schedule and I don’t have enough time to keep completely current with employment legislation.

When I first looked for external support for HR and employment law I had in mind a web based solution. However, it soon became apparent that this type of service couldn’t provide me with the level of personal service or expertise that I needed. 

I was introduced to Cream HR and immediately their support was superb. They did an HR/Employment Law health check for us and it was clear that the combination of expertise, personal approach and speed of response was going to work very well for us. They have always been available, even at unusual times, which is important because situations can arise outside of normal hours.

Rapidly expanding businesses go through lots of change and it is important to manage that change appropriately. Having the right support from a company like Cream HR is vital.

We have worked through lots of changes and many challenging situations and in all cases Cream HR have ensured that we have achieved our goals safely, sympathetically and effectively. They have an uncanny knack of being able to deal with difficult situations with empathy.

What I also like is the way in which they offered some price flexibility in the early stages when cash is tighter. It shows that they understand start-ups. Their costs increased as we grew and as we could afford to pay more, which I find refreshing.

I ensure that all of the business in which I’m personally involved use Cream HR from day one. It instils best practice and supports the underlying aim which is to achieve a successful exit. Furthermore, it helps to build a close relationship, which is essential when vital advice is needed at short notice. I highly recommend Cream HR.