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we understand the concerns of start up businesses – we’ve been a start up too!

When you start a business, HR, Employment Law and compliance is probably one of the last things on your mind.

However, if you invest in getting your basic HR and Employment Law compliance right from day one you can not only save yourself a lot of future expense (and trouble), but you can create a structure that will enable your business to grow quickly and safely.

Employee issues can be distracting and time consuming. In a start-up business any people issue is hugely magnified and any mistakes made in dealing with these issues can be potentially fatal to the business.

Having worked with lots of start-ups we know there is a temptation to do all of this yourself, after all there is so much free information on the web and it can’t be that hard.

Would you ask Boris Johnson to give you a heart transplant and expect to survive? No, nor would we and trying to become an HR and Employment Law expert on your own could have similarly disastrous consequences for your business.

Cream HR is sensitive to start up concerns about money and can help you to understand that a small investment at an early stage can reap significant reward.

We have formulated a package specifically for small and startup businesses, find out more