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Cream HR has extensive experience Successfully delivering HR & Employment Law Support to SME’s

SME’s form the bedrock of UK plc and employ a huge number of people.

The continued success of SME’s and their commitment to employing vast numbers of people is vital to the success of the UK economy. For such an investment to succeed those employees need an environment where they are happy, productive and effectively managed according to the rules.

SME’s vary hugely and some grow and develop an internal HR function and some don’t.

However your SME is structured and whether you have an HR function or not, you will often need to access expert support to effectively deal with Employee Relations, Conflicts or Disputes. Cream HR provides up to the minute interpretations of the law from the most recent Employment Tribunal cases. This helps ensure that the solutions that we implement for you deliver the solutions that you want.

Research has shown that entrepreneurs can spend as much as 40% of their time on non-revenue generating activities such as HR. However much time you spend on HR and whatever your structure, a partnership with Cream HR can free up your time and help create and environment where your people thrive and are productive whilst ensuring that any difficult issues are dealt with quickly and effectively and with minimal risk of expensive litigation.

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