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we are proud to work with some fantstic and enlightened hr teams

The HR departments that we work with are amongst the busiest departments in any business we know. Whatever the size of your business the HR department will be expected to know the answer and to know it now!

In reality it is very difficult to be “expert in everything” and more and more HR Directors and Managers realise that trying to keep up with the law and more particularly accurate interpretations of the law is very difficult. Employment has become complicated in terms of legislation and it makes sense to work with experts to ensure that costly mistakes are avoided when applying the law.

Cream HR works closely with HR departments particularly in the areas of Employee Relations and Compliance to help deliver workable solutions rather than offering opinion and advice.

We understand the pressures that HR departments are under and our work is designed to take away as much of that pressure as possible. This enables them to focus on their key objectives, whilst we help address some of the more confrontational aspects of their work.

Our objectivity in dealing with disputes and conflicts, whether they are relatively minor or more complex, can make a real and positive difference. We are inevitably less connected to the issues than any employee may be and this enables us to adopt a different approach to deliver effective solutions.

Let Cream HR play “devils advocate” rather than the court or tribunal.

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