A team of dedicated human resource specialists...

Cream was originally formed in April 2000 and was designed to provide a “one stop shop” to business in the provision of HR services.

We understand that people are the life blood of any business and that people can and do take considerable time to manage, particularly when you consider the frequently changing legal framework in which we all live and work.

Managing Director, Anthony Sutton explains why you should choose Cream HR

Over the years we have fine tuned our services to focus predominantly on helping business with legal compliance, employee relations and dispute resolution.

It’s the way that we join the best in Employment Law expertise to pragmatic, commercial HR to deliver effective solutions that makes us really rather special.

Unlike lots of services that we have come across, particularly in the area of HR and Employment Law, we pride ourselves on giving businesses straight answers and practical solutions whatever the situation.

We are aware that you want answers and not theories, our experience is based on us having dealt first hand with the very same situations that you face, we’ve been there, seen it and done it and understand how difficult it is being in the hot seat rather than sitting in a nice comfortable office where everything is theoretical and giving advice seems easy.

That doesn’t mean that you will always hear what you want to hear, you won’t! What you hear will be accurate and informed and even if we can’t quite meet your exact expectations we work closely with you to try and deliver solutions as close to your wishes as we can.

Employment Law changes on an almost daily basis as a result of decided cases and our dedication to keeping abreast of these constant changes and our ability to understand the latest interpretations of the courts and the judiciary enables us to provide you with the best and most up to date advice available in response to your specific requirements.

cream hr provide a wide range of employment hr services for all types of businesses, find out more about the services on offer